Thursday, 27 June 2013


Most of the Turboprops are so popular small Aircrafts as they can even Land on unpaved runways and are very economical in use. These Aircrafts are  Ideal for short to medium distance Flights, greater fuel efficiency and less expensive than other Jet Aircrafts.
Turboprops provide varied range in Aircrafts having capacity from 4 Seater up to 60 Pax. Turboprops fall in 2 categories – Executive Turboprop and Commuter Turboprops. These are most preferred because of their flexibility and ability to Fly out of small Airports and  having Runways not suitable for larger jets. Major manufacturers of Turboprops are  Cessna, Piper, Hawker Beechcraft, Vulcanair  Examples: King Air C90, King Air B200, Piaggio P-180, Dornier 228 etc

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